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We are digital agency that loves crafting beautiful websites with great functionality.

We Are Creon Pictures
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We do innovation, creativity, effectiveness and all that with love.

We Are Creon Pictures
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Creon Pictures was honored as best agency at EdAwards in New York.

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We Are Creon Pictures
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New York City

Creon Pictures , is a small and flexible New York based video/photo and multimedia production company
specializing in affordable high quality promotional videos/images and films for the corporate and entertainment sectors. Whether interview based documentary style films or music videos we aim for collaborative, quality productions to a high degree of completion guided by the aims of the client. With our original work rooted in graphic/web design, fine art, fashion, film and music, we eventually decided to combine all these separate disciplines, under a unique, representative name: Creon Pictures.

Creative Hub

The Creon Pictures Creative Hub is a platform, endorsed by the Company, to which creative and technical artists are invited to promote their services to the industry. Creon Pictures actively uses this Hub to source the talent that it needs to pursue its projects.

New York Based

We create promotional videos, which help to support us financially with our larger more creative projects. We also love the creativity of collaboration and experimentation. This helps us to explore styles, themes and concepts, which we will sometimes take into narrative based film.

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PO Box 7091, New York New York

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